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            About eHBL

            With the implementation of eManifest, freight forwarders will be required to transmit advance house bill data electronically to the CBSA. The data must be received and validated by the CBSA prior to arrival, within the prescribed mode-specific time frames.

            Electronic Housebills

            House bill data provides the CBSA with detailed secondary cargo information on shipments that are consolidated and require deconsolidation, and are similar to supplementary data currently provided in the air and marine modes.


            Freight Forwarder Timeframes for Advance Information

            24 hours prior to loading or arrival depending on type or origin of goodsFour hours prior to arrival or at time of departureTwo hours priorTime of departure





            Close Messages

            Freight forwarders will also be required to transmit a house bill ‘close’ message once all house bills within a consolidated shipment have been sent to the CBSA.

            The ‘close’ message establishes the link between the previous Cargo Control Number (CCN) and the lower-level house bills in the chain of cargo control.

            -DB tool for eHBL is available

            There are four submission types for the eHBL as below.

            CBSA Message Function, coded.
                            1              Cancellation (Cancel the submission)
                            4              Change (Before arrival. Does not require An Amendment Reason Code )
                            9              Original (Initial submission)
                            52           Proposed amendment* (After arrival. Does require An Amendment Reason Code)

                          An Amendment Reason Code is required for a Proposed amendment request. You will have one Amendment Reason Code per eHBL submission.  
                         Please Refer to the below  ECCRD Code Table for Amendment Reason codes.
            House bill Amendment Code Definitions
            Amendment to description of goods
            Amendment to consignee (name and/or address)
            **In bond port/sub-location code amendments**
            Clerical error when keying data
            Amendment not elsewhere specified
            Overage: any change in the number of pieces in a shipment that is higher than the quantity reported at FPOA. Note the initial quantity being amended must be greater than zero.
            Shortage: any change in the number of pieces in a shipment that is lower than the quantity reported at FPOA. Note the quantity cannot be reduced to zero, which would then be a cancellation, not amendment.
            Goods that have been imported but not released, that have been pilfered, stolen, lost or destroyed while in custody of the carrier
            Change request delayed by client systems outage
            Change request delayed by CBSA systems outage

            What amendment code do I use if more than one value is changing? 

            Select the one amendment code best fit to the Proposed amendment.

            Updated: 28 Mar 2019 05:08 AM
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