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            Are Deconsolidation Notices mandatory?

            Signing up to receive the new notices is not mandatory, this is voluntary. The CBSA is not forcing clients to sign up and register for the new notices. However, the transmission of electronic House bills becomes mandatory on November 7, 2016. These are two separate things. eManifest requires that freight forwarder transmit electronic House bills for shipments arriving into Canada on November 7th onward. 

            The CBSA strongly encourages warehouse operators and freight forwarders to register for electronic notices, specifically the Deconsolidation Notice. Without the warehouse operator’s participation in electronic Deconsolidation Notices, freight forwarders will be forced to use one of three paper options. This means that they will be presenting some form of paper to warehouse operators in order to have their goods removed from the warehouse.
            Updated: 26 Oct 2016 06:18 PM
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