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            eHBL Terminologies Simplified

            1. Parties Involve
              1. Carrier - Owner of the vehicle (vessel, aircraft, train) 
                - Ocean Carrier = 9000 series
              2. Freight Forwarder - A person who, on behalf of one or more owners, importers, shippers or consignees of goods, causes specified goods to be transported by one or more carriers (Carrier Code: 8000 series)

            2. Manifest Content

            • Movement Type

              • Import - occurs if the goods entering Canada are to obtain release at the First Port of Arrival (FPOA).

              • Inbond - occurs if the goods entering Canada are destined to move in-land to a warehouse location.

            • Mode Indicator – indicated mode of transportation.

              • Marine/Ocean

              • Air Transport

              • Railway

            • Ports and Sub location Codes

              • Port  of Destination

            • This is a CBSA port code where release/acquittal will take place.

              • Port  of Destination Sublocation Code

                • The sublocation/warehouse related to the Port of Destination/Exit where the shipment will be released/ acquitted.

              • Port of Discharge

            • Office code of CBSA designated seaport, airport, freight terminal, rail station or other CBSA-approved location at which goods are unloaded, if different than the Port of Destination.

              • Port of Discharge Sub Location Code

            • The sublocation/warehouse where the shipment is to be warehoused.

            1. HBL Content

            • Consolidated vs Non Consolidated

            Consolidation - A number of separate shipments grouped together by a consolidator or freight forwarder and shipped to an agent or a freight forwarder as one shipment under one bill of lading and reported to the CBSA on one cargo control document.

            “A master co loader will have to declare Yes for consolidation on the housebill if he has co loaders.”

            • Shipper, Consignee, Delivery Address, Notify Party

            Parties involve as stipulated on the BOL

            • SNP Party(Manifest Forward)

              • The trade entity, other than the originator of a data submission, which is to receive notification from the CBSA (either Status Notice or Manifest Forward), pertaining to a particular shipment.
              • Identifiers:
                Maritime/Ocean CarriersCarrier Code9000 series
                AirlinesIATA Codespecific code(eg. 180 -
                Rail TransortpCarrier Code6000 series
                Road/Highway CarriersCarrier Code1000,2000,3000,4000,5000,7000 series
                Freight ForwardersCarrier Code8000 series
                Warehouse OperatorsSubloceg. 5423, 4119
                BrokersAccount Security Numberfirst 5 digits of the transaction number
                ImportersBusiness Numberunique reference number 
            • Containerized vs Non containerized

              • Any cargoes that are enclosed on a container when transported

              • Container numbers should match the filing of the carrier or the master co loader

              • Seal Numbers indicated as available

              • Gross Weight of the shipment is required information indicated on the container.

              • Volume of the container indicated as available

            • Cargo Details
              • Goods description and shipping count with the corresponding UOM
            1. Close Message

            • Is provided by the freight forwarder to identify all house bills related to a consolidated primary cargo document or a consolidated house bill document for closure purposes.

            • Close Message can only be submitted when the HBL is accepted,

            • Data Elements:

              • Previous CCN – may be identified as the Carrier or the Master Co-loader

              • Related CCN (HBL CCN)
              • Carrier Code (Filer)
              • Business Name

            1. D4 Notice

            • This is an electronic notice sent from the CBSA which informs clients (freight forwarders, warehouse operators, and carriers) about the status if the cargo.

            Updated: 28 Mar 2019 04:08 AM
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