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            How are Barges reported in Bay Plan?

            Barges containing containers: Barges carrying one or more containers, with or without cargo, must submit a Bay Plan. Barges are exempted only when there are no containers onboard. For transmission instructions see below:

            1. To populate the bay location, use a value of 001
            2. To populate the row location, use incremental values from 00 thru 99 (allowing for 99 containers)
            3. To populate the tier location, use a value of 82 (above deck)
            4. Thus the sender can use 0010182 for one container 0010282 for the second container and so on.
            If there are more than 99 containers being transported, repeat the above procedure, giving the bay location a value of 002. Step 3 remains the same.
            Updated: 06 Sep 2019 03:09 AM
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