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            How do I add a one-time passenger to my ACE trip?

            Passengers or crew members without an ACE ID must be submitted using the PAXLST functionality. Follow the steps below to successfully create and submit the PAXLST along with your ACE manifest.

            Entering the information

            1.     Complete and save all manifest and shipment details, the PAXLST process should be the last step in completing your ACE. If the trip is already accepted, cancel the trip before proceeding with the steps below.

            2.     Under Section 6, click “Create PAXLST” to expand an in-screen popup.

            3.     Fill out the required details from within this popup scrolling down to ensure all required fields are entered. (Note: if using an Enhanced Drivers License select the Travel Doc Type as Other Travel Doc)

            4.     Click “Add this Crew” at the bottom of the popup and then click .

            5.     You will now see the crew member appear beneath the selected driver/crew member(s) on the trip.

            6.     Save the manifest to add the crew member / passenger successfully.

             Submitting a manifest with PAXLST to CBP

            1.     Click (if there are shipments), or Send Trip (if there are no shipments).

            2.     A submission confirmation page will appear, click

            3.     Click  the shipments should return in PL (Preliminary)

            4.     Once in PL, under the Complete Trip section, click . A submission confirmation will appear again, click

            5.     Click  and ensure the PAXLST indicator light turns green

            6.     Once the PAXLST is accepted, under the Complete Trip section, click .

            7.     Click until all indicator lights are green.



            Updated: 08 Aug 2019 02:00 AM
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