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            How do I add drivers to my crew database?

            If the driver will be crossing into the United States, an ACE ID or FAST Card Number will be required. Users are required to obtain ACE IDs for each non-FAST crew member.
            Note: ACE crew records will be visible in ACI Highway and vice versa.
            Creating the Record
            Under the ACE menu, expand the ACE crew submenu and click Create.
            Fill out the required information on the create page (e.g. names, nationality, travel document, etc.)
            If you enter the crew member's email address he/she will receive emails with ACE / ACI Highway acceptances and entry numbers for trips that the crew member is assigned to. 
            Alternatively, you may enter the crew member's cell phone number to receive SMS messages with ACE/ ACI Highway acceptances and entry numbers (Use of SMS notification will incur a charge of $0.10 per message)
            Click  to save the crew member or click  to add another crew member.
            Sending the Record (Obtaining an ACE ID)
            This step is not required if the crew member will only be crossing into Canada on ACI Highway.
            After the details have been successfully saved, the record must be submitted to CBP to request an ACE ID (if the crew member does not hold a FAST card)
            From the ACE Crew Menu, select 'Send'
            Search for the records that you would like to submit. Check the box beside all records to be submitted to CBP and select the message function as 'Add' for all first time submissions (subsequent submissions will be Modify or Deactivate). Click 'Send'
            A response from CBP will be returned shortly. If the status is AC, a 7-digit ACE ID will appear under the ACE ID column of the crew record. If the response is RJ, contact CrimsonLogic Support for further instructions.
            Updated: 25 Nov 2013 11:55 PM
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