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            I have a large amount of section 321 shipments, can I consolidate the filing into 1 shipment?

            The section 321 shipments cannot be consolidated and each shipment will need to be manifested separately on the E-manifest with their own unique shipment control number (SCN). SEC321 shipments must also be filed with an ultimate consignee, a postal office/courier service address for example cannot be used.

            To save time from needing to create numerous shipments manually, we have a shipment upload file (.csv) that would be beneficial in these circumstance and can assist to reduce the time needed to create many shipments.

            Attached is a copy of the ACE shipment upload form, this document can also be found in the Document Download section of our Webcustoms Portal.

            Crimsonlogic Support

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            Updated: 14 Apr 2015 07:52 AM
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