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            If the cargo is sold after the conveyance has departed the U.S, what are the procedures to amend. Eg, 50 containers of apples were originally sold to a company in Japan, however, enroute to Japan, 30 containers were sold to a different company in China.

            It is the responsibility of the USPPI or its authorized agent to promptly file corrections or cancellations to the EEI as known at the time of filing in the AES and transmitting any changes to that information as soon as they are known. 

            In the scenario above, the USPPI/authorized agent must correct the shipment going to Japan and create a new EEI for the containers going to China.  Note, the filer will receive a compliance alert for a late shipment, however, the shipment should be accepted in AES.


            Updated: 03 Jul 2016 05:18 PM
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