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            In the case of co-load, whose House B/L must be filed, and who is responsible to file AFR?

            Consider this scenario: There are three NVOCCs (NVOCC A, NVOCC B, NVOCC C) who have all registered with NACCS/Japan and obtained Reporter IDs/Passwords. NVOCC A makes the booking with the ocean carrier for a container, and NVOCC B and C will co-load their cargo to this container.

            Question: In the scenario, which NVOCC should file AHR?

            A consignor such as an NVOCC, who knows the cargo information based on House B/L level at the time of departure, is obliged to file cargo information. Consigners who are the contractors of the consigned freight forwarding business with the shipping companies are obliged to file cargo information when the implementation of rules is well-established. In this case, if the NVOCC who has a contract with the carrier is only NVOCC A, NVOCC A is required to file the House B/L information.

            Updated: 09 Mar 2014 08:37 AM
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