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            Password Policy

            Please be guided on below GeTS company password policy.

            In additional to below information, please familiarized yourself with password reactivation and reset.

            For issuance of user credentials i.e. ID and Passwords including those for SFTP, Webservices, any form of integration, etc. ANY form of credentials for both internal and external users including production, trial and development. Please adhere to the following.


            1.       Send the user id and password in separate emails.

            1. The 2 emails should be sent out using 2 different senders email. Example if you use emailA to send out ID, you CANNOT use emailA to send the password, it MUST be another email ID (get a co-worker to send it out). See below procedure on how to send user credentials.

            3.       Do not cc others.


            How to send user credential to customer?


            1.      If password request received from..

            -          Call, please create ticket in ZOHO Support

            -          Email, use the same case number.

            -          Chat, convert chat to ticket.



            Use below email template:

            Dear Customer,


            This is to acknowledge your password request for user id _____ . Please note request ticket # is  <enter ticker #>.

            For security purposes, password information will be received on separate email.


            Thank you.


            GeTS Support


            2.      Ask SME/TLs/ Supervisor to send password to the customer using their GeTS email. For eTrade, use your GeTS email when sending password for encrypted file.

            3.       When sending password, Make sure that SUBJECT is with ticket number assigned.

            Use below email template:


            Subject: Password Request Ticket # ________


            Dear Customer,

            Please be inform of below password related to your request with ticket # ________.



            Thank you.

             GeTS Support


            Disclaimer: DO NOT REPLY ON THIS EMAIL. If you need further assistance, please email to


            Updated: 28 Mar 2019 12:31 AM
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