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            What are the benefits of using PL.CITES?

            For CITES Management Authority

            ·       Low deployment cost and short deployment time

            ·       Reliable uptime as PL.CITES is hosted on the cloud

            ·       Easy scalability for future growth and expansion

            ·       Secured managed hosting with stringent security audits

            ·       Better control of licences and species movement in the country

            ·       Total ownership of data

            ·       Exchange of data with other countries’ CITES Management Authorities

            ·       Exchange of data with other government systems for trade facilitation


            For Traders

            ·       Affordable subscription model

            ·       Availability of service anywhere, anytime

            ·       Instant licence availability upon approval

            Updated: 10 Oct 2016 06:24 PM
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