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            What is a Warehouse Arrival Certification Message (WACM)?

            A WACM is an electronic message sent by a warehouse operator to the CBSA when unreleased cargo that is destined to their warehouse, physically arrives. A WACM must be sent for each CCN that has a final destination of that warehouse. Warehouse operators must contact the Technical Commercial Client Unit to register for, and become compliant with WACM requirements. Clients must use EDI to transmit WACM, as this functionality is not currently supported through the eManifest Portal.

            When the primary cargo physically arrives at the destination sufferance warehouse, the warehouse operator will send a WACM to the CBSA which will trigger the automated Deconsolidation Notice to the warehouse operator, freight forwarder and primary carrier.

            Once the Deconsolidation Notice has been sent, the consolidated shipments may be released to the freight forwarder for furtherance to the final destination as indicated on the house bills. Warehouse operators and freight forwarders must keep a record of the physical transfer of liability to the freight forwarder. Records must include the applicable house bill numbers and a signature of acceptance of the shipment(s) by the freight forwarder.

            When the individual shipments physically arrive at their final destination, a WACM must be sent by the warehouse operator for each individual shipment. If a PARS is on file and in recommended release status at the time of arrival at the final destination, the shipments will be released.

            When shipments within a consolidation are destined to multiple final destinations, the primary carrier will move the goods to the destination as indicated on the primary cargo document. A WACM will be transmitted for the primary cargo and all consolidated shipments that have the same destination as the primary cargo will also be arrived. House bills destined to a different location will remain in reported status until they arrive at the destination as indicated on the house bills. Unreleased cargo may be moved to the final destination by the bonded freight forwarder, or by a carrier or freight forwarder contracted by the freight forwarder. Liability for duties and taxes will remain with the bonded freight forwarder unless the shipment is re-manifested to another bonded carrier or bonded freight forwarder.

            Updated: 30 Oct 2016 03:56 AM
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