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            What is ACI Bay Plan?

            ACI Bay Plan is the electronic submission of a stowage plan data in the marine mode of transportation being implemented as part of the Canada Border Services Agency's (CBSA) Advance Commercial Information (ACI) program. 

            Electronic Bay Plan will provide information on the location of all containers on board a vessel, and help identify any unreported containers and/or containers which may pose significant risk to national security.

            The Bay Plan, or stowage plan, is a document already in use by parties in the marine transportation industry to identify all the containers and their locations on a container vessel. This information also serves to plan the loading and discharge of container/cargo for each port.

            The Bay Plan data will be transmitted for all inbound containers, including: direct discharge in Canada, (whether destined to Canada or in-transit), freight remaining on board (FROB), and empty containers.

            CBSA requires the Vessel Operating Carriers to submit an electronic change to the Bay Plan submission already on file where a change involves:

            - a change in the location of a container aboard a vessel;
            -  transmission of one or more additional containers aboard a vessel;
            -  the removal of one or more containers previously transmitted aboard a vessel;
            -  correction of any errors as a result of transmission being rejected;
            -  any other changes to stowage data.

            These can be transmitted electronically, at any time, prior to the vessel’s arrival to the first port of arrival in Canada.
            Updated: 06 Sep 2019 03:09 AM
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