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            What is D4 notice '“Document Package Complete”?

            'Document Package Complete' is part of the D4 Completeness Notices. Completeness Notices will inform clients regarding the fulfillment of CBSA pre-arrival document requirements, up to the arrival of the Cargo at its stated Port of Destination. They will be triggered upon the transmission of Cargo, House Bill, PARS, and IID data, however will only be created and sent prior to the arrival of the Cargo or House Bill to all eligible parties. Note that these Completeness Notices do not indicate that a final determination has been made regarding the admissibility or release of the shipment.

            The Document Package Complete Notice informs clients that the Cargo and all other mandated pre-arrival trade documents (House Bills, House Bill Close Message), as well as all related Release documentation necessary for CBSA to determine if the goods can be released into the Canadian economy (PARS/IID), have been received and accepted by the CBSA.

            Documents to which this notice can apply are Air and Marine Cargo, MMC, and House Bills. PNPs who transmit them will be eligible to receive this notice prior to the arrival of the Cargo or House Bill(s) at the stated Port of Destination.

            Updated: 23 May 2017 07:07 PM
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