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            What is defined as a consolidated shipment?

            A consolidated shipment is defined as a number of separate shipments grouped together by a consolidator or freight forwarder and shipped to an agent or a freight forwarder as one shipment, under one bill of lading, and reported to Customs on one cargo control document (one shipper and one consignee)

            A freight forwarder must be bonded to submit a consolidated House bill. A non-bonded freight forwarder can only submit non-consolidated House bills seeking release at First Port of Arrival (FPOA).​

            Note: From a CBSA standpoint, a consolidation exists when a number of smaller shipments are forwarded to the same location, grouped together as one shipment by a carrier, consolidator or freight 7 forwarder and shipped to a carrier, an agent or a freight forwarder and reported to the CBSA under one cargo control number (CCN).

            A deconsolidation exists when a consolidated shipment is divided into individual shipments consigned to individual consignees and reported to the CBSA on individual CCDs known as supplementary reports.
            Updated: 19 May 2017 08:30 PM
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