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            What is the rejection V26 ?

            Rejection Error: V26: Client Supplied Request ID-Submission cannot currently be amended
                                     998 : Container ID-BULK CONTAINER ID DO NOT MATCH RELATED REQUESTS

            The submission for Post Arrival Amendments should be as "Proposed Amend" and not "Change". In this submission the user was able to tag the correct Message with an amendment.

            When dealing with this type of rejection please make sure that we focus on the first remark V26 which is the actual rejection and not the 998 remark. As explained by the officer for this type of rejection, the user might have tag a wrong amendment code or the system would not allow any more amendments for the transaction(HBL or Close message). There are two options for the filer to declare the correct information: (1)the filer may have to contact the port officer to change the status on their end in order for the filer to transmit the correct information electronically or (2) the user will have to submit a Post Arrival Correction form (manual correction) to the officer for them to review and have the changes made depending on the instructions by the officer.

            This rejection does not discriminate the house bill or close message responses.

            Note: When submitting post arrival amendments please make sure to understand the history of the responses and identify the information to be change before submitting any amendments.

            Updated: 24 May 2017 11:36 PM
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