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            What is the requirement for Dolly Equipment?

            Dolly equipment (as shown in, or similar to, the picture below) will be exempt from any pre-arrival data requirements under eManifest provided the dolly is being used in the international transportation of goods, i.e. it is not being imported into Canada for the first time.

            Note: If the dolly is purchased outside of Canada and is being imported into Canada for the first time, the goods would need to be imported as per eManifest pre-arrival data requirements and applicable duties and taxes should be paid by the importer.

            The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has taken into account the following bobtail exemption as defined in the Electronic Commerce Client Requirements Document (ECCRD), Chapter 4: ACI/eManifest Highway and Chapter 7: ACI/eManifest Highway Portal:


            • (i) i.e. tractor with no trailer or semi-trailer. Excludes tractor-trailers or any other 'complete' truck, e.g. cube vans. The bobtail highway conveyance must:
              • be without any equipment attached (for example a trailer, chassis, etc.)
              • be without any commercial goods; and
              • not be being imported.

            For the purposes of the above bobtail definition, a dolly or device used to link trailers is not considered to be a trailer, chassis or semi-trailer. This would allow for those scenarios where a dolly will be entering or returning to Canada and is attached to a cab with no trailer attached; therefore qualifying for the bobtail exemption.

            Updated: 16 Dec 2015 04:32 AM
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